Planning an event in Kendal and hoping for Wainwright’s Yard as a venue? Read on.

If you are planning an event in Kendal and you are thinking that Wainwright’s Yard is a perfect venue, then we have a few pointers to help you get started.

1. Submitting an event proposal

The first step is to submit an event proposal to Clare Coxon, Emma Dewhurst & Patrick Naylor. We are the team working on behalf of the Landlords, Eric Wright Group Ltd and we are your first point of contact.

Contact details for the Wainwright’s Yard event team:

Patrick Naylor (Eric Wright Group Facilities Manager):
Emma Dewhurst (Marketing for Wainwright’s Yard):
Clare Coxon (Marketing for Wainwright’s Yard):

Please supply us with all of the basic information needed in order for us to assess the suitability of Wainwright’s Yard as your chosen venue. We will need:

• advance notice of the date(s) and timing(s) of the event
• an indication of the number of people involved and the size of the audience or crowd you anticipate drawing
• information on any equipment required and installation processes (and confirmation of your adherence to Health & Safety regulations and CDM compliance – where appropriate)
• confirmation that you have appropriate insurance in place
• your thoughts on where in the Yard you are planning to be positioned and how much space you need to accommodate everyone involved
• an overview of the event and its aims
• contact details for all organisers and details of the role they will play
• information on any other partner organisations or venues involved in the event
• information on any promotional opportunities for Wainwright’s Yard and/or its resident businesses
• confirmation that you will provide a marshal/s who can ensure crowds don’t block entrances/exits/steps

Once we have given outline permission to use the Yard, we will refer you to the appropriate member of the Facilities Maintenance team and they will require further detail of equipment and access plans.

Please do keep in regular contact with the events team throughout the planning stages so that we can ensure nothing has changed and so that we can keep all of the businesses based in the Yard up to date.

2. Working with our Facilities Maintenance teams

Our Facilities Maintenance Teams are best placed to advise on the practical and technical elements of hosting an event in our Yard. They can advise on things like electrical points, appropriate weight loads for the various areas of the Yard, access to the Yard if you have vehicles or machinery, requirements for safely managing others who may be using our facility while you set up, run, and close your event, and advice on adequately weighting any marquees or planned covers as the Yard is open and subject to the vagaries of the Cumbrian weather.

3. How we can support you and your event

We are always happy to welcome events into the Yard to increase footfall or raise awareness of our Yard and its businesses. We are also keen to be part of a vibrant market town with plenty to offer.

We have a website, a Facebook page, and links to local media and can support your marketing where the event aims tally with our own.

We can help you link up to the businesses in our Yard, to the Facilities Maintenance team, and to other local venues with whom we have connections such as other local shopping centres, other venues in town, the Kendal BID team etc.

We can provide logos, high resolution images and copy for the Yard and its businesses for use on promotional material.

There are promotional spaces in the Yard that are available to event organisers – we can talk you through the use of posters (we have three large poster units near the high street end of the Yard), and discuss the potential use of flags, banners, bunting etc (there is a series of fixing throughout the Yard).

We do have a sponsorship budget for local events and have supported many in the past, including Kendal Festival of Food, MintFest, Kendal Torchlight Carnival, Kendal Christmas Lights Switch On, Yarns in the Yards, Lakes International Comic Arts Festival. We plan our budget in advance of each calendar year so please do contact us in plenty of time.

4. Working with the businesses based in our Yard

Our priority is helping the businesses based in our Yard to thrive. We would encourage all events organiser to consider the ways in which their event can also benefit the business owners and staff here in Wainwright’s Yard.

Can you offer any promotional opportunities to the businesses, who may wish to connect with the people involved in your event?

Can you ensure that access to all of the businesses will remain easy for those not participating in the event who are wishing to eat, drink and shop as normal?

Can you communicate at each stage to ensure the businesses are up to speed and have no worries or concerns about the event and its effect on trade?

Can one or more of our businesses offer their goods or services (catering, drinks, decorative items, clothing etc) as part of your event?

Is your event complementary to the businesses within the Yard, or potentially in competition? If it’s the latter, how can you minimise the effect on trade and bring longer term benefits to compensate for it?

Can you display logos for the Yard and/or the businesses within the Yard on promotional materials for the events?